Lisa Maxwell has been teaching riding for over thirty years.  
background in hunters, jumpers and eventing gives depth to
her dressage training.  

Her teaching style is thoughtful and considerate, infused with
humor and always guided by a deep love of horses.  

She also draws on twenty years of Aikido training to help her
students find a centered position and calm mental attitude.  

Her goal is to make this style of riding available to others who
are seeking a lighter less forceful way to ride.

Lisa gives heartfelt thanks to a number of great horsemen and
women including:
•  Lou Ragonetti,

•  Students of Ray Hunt and Tom and Bill Dorrence,

•  Jean-Claude Racinet

Lisa is also a writer of science fiction novels and a Nidan
(second degree black belt) in Aikido.
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Getting Started in
The French Classical Dressage
of Francois Baucher as taught
by Jean Claude Racinet and
presented by one of his
students, Lisa Maxwell
This 95 minute video provides
detailed information on the
Classical French dressage
methods used by Francois
Baucher and Jean Racinet
New Book from Lisa Maxwell        
The Horse In The Mirror
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Isadora trains war horses for the
Alliance until she steals a stallion to
save his life.
Hunted by government troopers and
rogue berserkers she befriends a mute
man who seems crazy. Yet he holds
the key to the survival of the last free
living people, a tribe of nomadic horse
herders. John must use the Mirror to
regain his speech, Isadora might be
the only one who can help him survive
that encounter.
Lisa Maxwell
206 Sugar Creek
Weaverville, NC

approx 15 miles
north of Asheville